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Table smart Editor Overview

A powerful tool to manage your databases on-line and create your own software with no limits

  •     Developed in to work with IIS
  •     Supports all formats of Microsoft Access database and Microsoft SQL Server
  •     You can simply edit, delete, insert new records
  •     Handles data validation by checking the input format and mandatory fields according to the database settings
  •     Quick Search functionality
  •     Language and international formats customized by setting the .NET Culture
  •     Manages profiles with customizable permissions on tables and fields
  •     Allows the connections between the tables for input and permit to show SubTables joined with a parent table


  •     Permit to hide database tables and fields
  •     Arrange the display of tables and fields within comfortable TAB
  •     Links with other custom features
  •     Easily customizable interface with many templates
  •     Integrates the TyniMCE ( with the tools of HTML formatting for fields of type TEXT, MEMO
  •     Supports all browsers
  •     Apperance fully customizable


Free Licence

Free Licence of Table Smart Editor allows visualization and editing of 50 records for table. To remove this limitation buy Extended Licence.


Try the demo using the following login information:
User: admin
Password: admin

Click here for demo


Check the program guide.

See the documentation